Mora de Nuei

Portal de Abajo 2
22330 Ainsa (Huesca)

telf +34 974 510 614
mvl +34 676 415 404

Right at the center of the Pyrenees of Aragon, where the daylight paints the country with vivid hues, and where every night the stars and moon surprise you with their ever changing view, there is a little town full of medieval history and alive with fabulous possiblities, where you will find Mora de Nuei; a house which has sheltered thousands of stories. We stand upon the gateway of an enchanted world where the ancient forests may still shelter elves and their kin. Come and watch the vultures fly like witches on their brooms, stand in the shadow of the towering mountain giants, begin to shine like a fairy in the moon light and be taken on a journey of wonder beneath a sky so blue. Make us a wish so that it might come true.

Albergue Mora de Nuei- Aínsa- Sobrarbe- Huesca

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